LGP partners with digital platform to expand Covid-19 ‘safety net’

The London General Practice (LGP) has partnered with digital cancer care company Careology to launch a platform which allows clinicians to remotely monitor patients’ Covid-19 symptoms in real-time. 

Using the the Careology Connect app, which is usually used to help monitor the health of patients undergoing  cancer treatment, clinicians at LGP can remotely track the symptoms and disease progression of the 50,000 patients it has on record. Using Bluetooth, it can connect to wearable devices to automatically record users’ temperature, heart rate, weight, and activity levels. They can also log and track the progression of their Covid-19 symptoms and oxygen saturation, alerting clinicians to when symptoms are severe enough to warrant further medical attention.

LGP launched a Covid-19 ‘safety net service’ in April. Patients with symptoms are able to access ongoing medical support and monitor their vital signs using diagnostic equipment delivered to their homes.

LGP managing director Richard Pisarski said: ‘We send our patients equipment such as blood pressure monitors and oxygen monitors through the post or by courier, and these vital signs can then be automatically synced with their Careology Connect mobile app. Our patients log and score their symptoms as they progress and if there are any issues, they are then flagged to our doctors through the Careology Professional dashboard. This dashboard shows their patients’ health information in real-time and enables us to proactively intervene if needed. Careology Connect adds to our suite of tools used to provide flexible, personal care to patients which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.’