Barbados Fertility Centre celebrates their 2000th & 2001st babies

Barbados Fertility Centre has hit a key milestone as they welcome their 2000th and 2001st babies.

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Juliet Skinner and Anna Hosford, Barbados Fertility Centre has hit a milestone that even they didn’t think possible when they started. Barbados Fertility Centre has recently welcomed their 2000th and 2001st babies.

It’s a very auspicious event for us” explains Dr. Skinner, “when we founded the practice 16 years ago, we had no idea that so many people from around the world would be seeking our help from outside their home countries. The response to our unique approach toward patient care has grown beyond our wildest hopes.”

So which couple had the honour of giving birth to the clinic’s 2000th baby?

Virginia & Dustin Merritt of Baldwin City, Kansas in the United States.

When asked why in the world they decided to go to Barbados for fertility treatment, Virginia explains, “We tried the clinic in Kansas City that helped us conceive our first child and we really though that would be a stress-free experience like it had been the first time. After months and months of failed cycles, the cost became extremely prohibitive. We decided to take a break before going through a few more rounds of in-uterine insemination, none of which worked. From the moment we arrived we felt like we were with a family who wanted to help us create ours. The location wasn’t too bad either! We loved the island of Barbados

While traveling to another country for IVF seemed like a very distant option, Virginia says that once they started their research, they found hundreds of Americans who were just like them and had found success at Barbados Fertility Centre. “What we found from the very first phone call with them was that they made the communication with us an absolute top priority, an aspect that we just hadn’t found at any of the places we tried before. The going theme with all the other couples we spoke with was that all the clinics in the States weren’t really at all concerned with whether or not we were able to have another child. The experience here in the US is fraught with high stress, hidden costs and lax results.”

Oh my goodness! It worked!” Virginia remembers saying after her pregnancy test.

Baby boy, Wells Coen Merritt, was born a few moments before his sister, Isla Lawrence Merritt. Wells has the distinct honour of being the 2000th baby born with the assistance of the Barbados Fertility Clinic.

Dr Skinner said, “We are absolutely elated to celebrate this huge milestone with the Merritt’s. To walk the fertility road with a couple and to see their success is something that we never tire being a part of! From our small office in Bay Street to now having 2000 babies all over the globe – it truly is a humbling reward. It’s always a leap of faith for someone to leave their home country and come to our beautiful island to have healthcare.