Barbados IVF clinic attracts Caribbean-Americans

A Barbadian fertility clinic which is the only JCI-accredited IVF unit in the Caribbean is finding success attracting Americans, particularly from the South.

The Barbados Fertility Centre in Bridgetown, Barbados specialises in IVF treatment.

It is targeting Americans seeking affordable solutions for IVF treatment. In the last four years the clinic has seen a growing number of Americans at the clinic, with one in two patients now from there, particularly from the South, where there are large numbers of Caribbean-Americans.

Since opening in 2002 it has also had patients from Australia, Canada, and the UK. The high success rate is claimed to be down to a combination of using the latest treatment, holistic therapy and a stress-free environment.

The average costs of in-vitro fertilization in most US states is between $12,000 and $18,000; with prices up to $40,000. The price for the same treatment at the Barbados Fertility Centre is much lower.

Barbados Fertility Centre is the only Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited IVF unit in the Caribbean region.

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