Costa Rica targets health tourists

The Costa Rica Tourism Board is aiming to target health tourists by promoting the country as a wellness destination.

Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) has launched a strategy to position the country as a wellness destination, as it offers options in harmony with the environment and relaxation techniques. This is one of the ways the organisation is trying to diversify its tourism offering.

Costa Rica is already known for nature and adventure and now the ICT wants it to become known for wellness activities as the product can be offered throughout the seasons and in all parts of the country.

The Wellness Pura Vida campaign aims to position Costa Rica as a wellness destination that offers unique and life changing experiences that will improve the quality of life of those visiting the country and incorporating the wide range of activities offered.

Promoting wellness tourism is also a way to promote many other services and products such as outdoor activities, sport activities, local healthy gastronomy, personal care, medical and dental care, relaxation techniques, meditation and relaxation practices.

Tourism Minister Mauricio Ventura says; “The development of this new product is part of a strategy to diversify. The government seeks to improve the tourism services offered and generate opportunities for business owners to innovate and diversify.”