‘Covid-19 Vaccinated’ shield for Bahrainis

Bahrain has become one of the first countries in the world to launch a digital Covid-19 vaccine passport.

Bahrain’s BeAware app enables individuals to show their immunity status two weeks after receiving both doses of the jab, when antibodies have started developing.

The green ‘Covid-19 Vaccinated’ shield is accompanied by an official certificate detailing the user’s name, date of birth, nationality and which vaccine they received. Authorities can verify its validity by scanning a QR code linking to the national vaccine register.

To access the digital certificate, users must have received two doses of the vaccine, with 21 days between each. They then must wait for two weeks after the second dose for antibodies to start developing.

Most people in Bahrain have been vaccinated but the country takes a tough line on entry.

Passengers arriving in Bahrain are subjected to a mandatory Covid-19 PCR test at the airport, with another test conducted five days after their arrival within the kingdom and another after 10 days. All must download and activate the ‘BeAware Bahrain’ app. All incoming passengers must self-isolate until the result of the on-arrival testing is issued.

Bahrain has a new tourist campaign from the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority called Here in Bahrain. It comprises three different stages over the year, with a particular focus on attracting GCC visitors to the kingdom, as well as international tourists.

With the low price of oil forcing the government of Bahrain to curtail spending and put some long-term projects on hold, the country is looking for new income streams. It has identified medical and health tourism as an area it wants to expand, although it is not clear on how it will do this. The government is targeting Russian investors to develop healthcare facilities for medical tourists.