Cyprus: filling the Russian gap

Cyprus is open for tourism and is again promoting medical and health tourism. The tourism ministry is optimistic that this year’s arrivals could catch up with 2021, despite losing a potential 800,000 tourists from Russian and Ukrainian markets. The country has increased promotion to other markets, with hopes of filling the gap resulting from the absence of its second-largest tourist market.

Cyprus has begun to change, bringing in tourists with a higher spend. Russian tourists would have been 20% to 25% of the estimated tourist flow this year.

Cyprus hopes for more business from Germany, Israel, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Sweden and Hungary.

Visit Cyprus is again promoting medical tourism and health tourism in a general way without promoting any particular location, as it did in 2019.  It is highlighting medical tourism in hospitals and clinics, plus luxury spa resorts and rural health retreats.

The country offers annual check-ups, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy, kidney dialysis, cardiac care, dental and surgical procedures, plus infertility treatment.