Dubai’s new cosmetic surgery hospital

CosmeSurge, has announced the launch of the first state-of-the-art cosmetic and aesthetic surgery hospital in the UAE, in Dubai. It will cater to the increasing demand of cosmetic surgeries amongst residents, and at the same time bolster medical tourism across the region.

The hospital, which is said to cost AED 40 million, is located next to Burj Al Arab, and is expected to open its door to the public in May this year.

“We are glad to see the expansion of CosmeSurge with the opening of its new state-of-the- art hospital. This brand integrates squarely with NMC Healthcare’s overall strategy and we are confident that the level of services, expertise, equipment and technology is in line – or of an even higher standard – to the likes of similar clinics anywhere in the US or Europe,” said Prasanth Manghat, CEO and Executive Director NMC Healthcare