European Medical Travel Conference 2010 announced

A major European medical travel conference will remind the world that every year, millions of medical tourists and health travelers go to, from or within Europe. The European Medical Travel Conference 2010 in Venice will focus on a sector of the medical tourism industry that is long established and highly significant in revenue terms.

Topics covered will include areas which many international medical tourism conferences have failed to address such as the implications of the European Union Directive on Patient Mobility, and the growth of spa and wellness tourism. Representatives of the twenty plus medical travel industry associations around the world have also been invited to attend and discuss the need for creation of an umbrella trade organisation for the medical tourism industry.

The agenda is evolving to respond to the issues and challenges that medical tourism needs to address for patients and providers. The conference accepts that the industry contains people with often conflicting views, so will seek to stimulate genuine discussion and be much more than just a shop window for products, services and destinations. Around 350 participants with a genuine involvement or interest in the business are expected, quality of participant being more important than just boosting numbers by any means.

The venue for EMTC 2010 is the Villa Fiorita Park Hotel, a 4 star hotel in Venice. The dates, 5th to 7th May 2010.There will be visits out to local spas and hospitals in the Venice region.

The conference has an advisory board with members who are assisting in the development of the conference and selection of speakers. Speakers are selected according to the quality and value of their contribution and expertise.

The advisory board includes;

  •  Sabiha Al Aidroos, Ministry of Health, UAE
  • Professor  Ferruccio Bonino, University Pisa, Italy
  • Dr. Luigi Bertinato, Department of Health and Social Services, Venice
  • Dr. Constantin Constantinides, Symmetria, Greece
  • Dr. Maurizio D`Aquino, CdC San Giovanni XXIII
  • Professor Heinrich Fürst, MM Clinic, Munich
  • Dr. Prem Jagyasi, exHealth, Dubai
  • Keith Pollard, Treatment Abroad
  • Dr. Carlo Ramponi, EU office of the JCI
  • Dr. Abdulaziz Nasser, King Faisal Hospital, Riyadh

How conferences treat speakers has recently been a topic of quite heated debate in IMTJ and the medical tourism world. This conference feels that speakers are very important and the organizers follow a code of conduct for speakers, which fully respects and protects their intellectual property.

Speakers may:

• Use their contribution and knowledge for presentations on   other events before or after the congress.
• Publication of materials is undertaken only with the speaker’s consent and is free of charge.
• The organizers will not make use of the presentations for commercial purposes unless there is a specific agreement on shared profits, which regulates the business.

Dr. Uwe Klein, chairman and organizer is CEO of Health Care Strategy in Munich, chairman of the previous European Congresses in Germany and Hungary. Earlier this year, Dr.Klein resigned from the advisory board of the Medical Tourism Association.