Geography of wellness

Woman on a tablet, referencing the Geography of Wellness

Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has launched a microsite called “Geography of Wellness”, a new research initiative providing economic data on the wellness economy for select countries through exclusive country partnerships. The first country to launch is Singapore, supported by the Singapore Tourism Board. 

The fast-growing wellness market of Singapore is home to a diverse and holistic wellness ecosystem that covers mental and emotional wellbeing, fitness classes and lifestyle experiences.  The new GWI microsite takes a deep dive into a country’s wellness economy, painting a clear picture of where it is positioned in the booming wellness market, giving countries a platform to showcase their wellness assets and giving investors in the business of wellness critical information.

Singapore promises leisure and business travellers a wide range of high quality, safe, and accessible wellness experiences. This includes innovative fitness offerings including in-mall climbing gyms and aqua spinning, mindfulness practitioners with urban forest bathing services and floatation therapy, clean eating gastronomic experiences, and 5-star wellness hotels.

Between June 3-12, Singapore is running Wellness Festival Singapore, the country’s first nationwide effort to promote holistic wellbeing that boasts a 10-day line-up of 130 offerings to showcase the breadth of wellness experiences available.

In addition to featuring country-specific wellness economic data in the Geography of Wellness section of the GWI website, the partnership also includes a dedicated Singapore Wellness Economy Report.