Germany provides medical help for Ukraine war victims

Germany will provide medical help for Ukraine war victims by helping build trauma centres for the wounded, donating prosthetic limbs and sending German doctors to the country.

Ukraine needs humanitarian aid. The aid includes Germany helping to supply prostheses, deploying 200 doctors in Ukraine, setting up training on treating burns and connecting some hospitals in Ukraine to a telemedicine service.

Germany’s largest artificial limb maker, Ottobock, is in talks with the health ministry to help produce and fit prostheses in mobile container workshops and train orthopaedic specialists in Ukraine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says some 290 attacks on healthcare facilities have been recorded since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on 24 February.

The German government has provided Ukraine with medical aid worth around €100 million (US$105.76 million) so far and Germany’s healthcare industry donated over €100 million.