Ghana targets Islamic countries

Ghana on a mpa, referencing Ghana health tourism

Ghana’s health technical director, Dr Hafez Adam Taher, has been appointed ambassador for health tourism, to promote the country’s medical and health tourism in Islamic countries.   The appointment is by the Health Tourism Development Centre of Islamic Countries (HTDC) will last for a period of two years.

HTDC has the aim of developing economic relations between stakeholders in the health industry in Islamic countries to promote healthcare, health tourism and medical tourism.

It has a membership of 38 Islamic countries plus 10 non-Islamic countries.

Dr Taher hopes to get many more countries to join the network of medical and health tourism so that countries will benefit from the available opportunities; “Developing the health tourism area is a virgin aspect of tourism we have not critically considered in order to maximise the opportunities to rake in revenues that will consequently boost our economy. Such opportunities will create more access to the markets and technology opportunities available in the Islamic countries in medical tourism and its related areas not just for Ghana but Africa as a whole.”