Jordan: medical travel can return

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Jordan’s lifting of restrictions on foreign travellers means inbound medical tourism can return, but with shifting flows of medical travel in the region it’s unclear if the country will return as a major treatment destination.

Travellers to the Kingdom, whether Jordanians or foreigners, no longer have to undergo a PCR test upon arrival.

The National Epidemiological Committee, while stressing that the pandemic has not ended yet has lifted most external and internal measures.

The Kingdom of Jordan is looking to regain its pre-pandemic tourism momentum after the launch of its new tourism brand last November, reintroducing itself as an accessible, intriguing and multifaceted destination.  It is targeting new groups of tourists with the new low-cost carrier flights to Jordan from Europe.

Visitors will still have to sign a pledge to get tested if they feel coronavirus symptoms and agree to self-isolate if they contract COVID-19.

The question is whether Jordan can return as a major medical tourism destination. Medical tourists used to come from Saudi Arabia and war torn countries including Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Yemen.

The largest number of patients came from Saudi Arabia but Saudi Arabia is seeking to clamp down on outbound medical tourism. The next largest group of patients is from the Gulf States and Palestine.

Jordan attracts Yemeni patients seeking medical treatment but that business does not bring in much money.  Iraqis now tend to go to Iran.