Jordan: tourism and medical tourism ‘must work together’

Tourist in Jordan, where there is untapped potential for medical tourism

Medical tourism is the key for increasing national income and has great potential to improve the healthcare system in Jordan, according to Mohammad Al Qudah of the Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Mr Al Qudah identified destinations in Jordan, such as the Dead Sea, Ma’in hot springs and the health expertise, as strong sources of health tourism in the Kingdom.  He stressed that a strong partnership with the tourism sector is very important, as the medical travel sector will rely on it to market what Jordan offers as a health service and to monitor medical performance.

There are proposals for a platform for medical tourism in Jordan, combining the health and tourism sector.

Major challenges still facing the health sector include lack of partnership between healthcare institutions, although the country is aiming to improve healthcare services and provide health insurance for all residents of the Kingdom.

There is also a need for a national epidemiology centre and a transition to primary healthcare, where the primary health centres become the gatekeeper of all health services.

Mr Al Qudah also stated that the health sector needed a roadmap for the next 10 years.