Libya promotes domestic medical travel

In an attempt to reduce outbound medical travel costs and spend more on developing the medical system in the country, the Health Ministry in Libya has announced plans to promote domestic medical tourism.

The Health Ministry has said it sees enhancing domestic medical tourism as one of the most important goals for the ministry.

The Health Minister reviewed the available opportunities, identified the actions needed to organise domestic and overseas treatment, and set clear lines for referring complex cases to international medical treatment centres.

He stressed the need for setting up a mechanism to follow up on the patient when receiving treatment abroad and the importance of benefiting from international centres through direct communication between their counterparts in the country. He stated citizens cannot be sent abroad to receive medical care without following up with specialists on the patients’ response to the treatment and ensuring that the services provided to them meet the quality requirements.

Many thousands of Libyans used to go abroad for treatment, frequently to Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Bulgaria, UK and Turkey. But with the recent chaos in Libya, many countries have refused state-paid business due to problems of getting paid on time, or at all. Malaysia has however stepped in to target state paid Libyan business.