Malaysia’s Johor state calls on private hospitals to do more

The Johor state government has said it remains committed to promoting its medical tourism sector, but stresses that local hospitals must improve their marketing.

Medical tourism is seen as an important sector that contributes to the Johor state’s economy. The state believes its strategic southern location linked to Singapore makes it an attractive investment destination for many private hospital operators.

But the government has said it wants private hospital operators in the state to improve the quality of their services to help promote medical tourism. They also need to improve their marketing in attracting international customers, especially from the Asian region.

Some recent progress includes Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor announcing the launch of a nuclear medical unit for cancer patients, both local and international.  Iskander Investment Berhad has also succeeded in attracting international investors to Johor and now targets investors in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and assisted living.