Medical fair promotes Nigerian healthcare to Nigerians

Nigerian government showcases hospitals in Nigeria to show that facilities compare favourably with other countries and discourage overseas medical trips.

As part of efforts to discourage overseas medical trips and conserve foreign exchange, the government showcased hospitals in the country to tell Nigerians that facilities and personnel compare favourably with other countries.

The Federal Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Nigerian Medical Association, James Daniel Consulting, Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN), Guild of Medical Directors and other stakeholders in the health sector hosted the second Nigeria Hospitals Exhibition and Fair 2015 during October in Lagos.

Asia, Europe and North America have become destinations of choice for Nigerians seeking advanced and affordable medical services. Many Nigerians travel abroad for medical treatments and medical check-ups, as they perceive that there are no competent medical facilities and competent medical personnel in Nigeria and if these facilities and personnel exist, do not know where to find them or how to access them.

Nigeria loses over $500 million in foreign exchange annually in outbound medical tourism so needs to stop people going overseas. Another aim is to bring medical tourists to Nigeria from other African countries.

The exhibition of public and private hospitals presented to the general public the available facilities and their specialties and the capabilities of the personnel within Nigeria. Another theme is that many Nigerian doctors that emigrated abroad are returning to Nigeria to set up clinics in the regions.