Pilot programme for licensing and accreditation of Qatari healthcare

The Supreme Council of Health has launched a pilot programme for the licensing and accreditation of healthcare facilities in Qatar as part of its National Programme for Licensing and Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities.

The full new programme of licensing and accreditation of healthcare facilities will begin from March 2016. Qatar has set up a centre for licensing and accreditation. The pilot programme will assess and find out how the system can be applicable in Qatar.

The programme has two components. One is the licensing of the facility and the second one is the accreditation. If a facility needs to go through the accreditation, it should be licensed and therefore both are integrated components. 30% of the accreditation standards are implied in the licensing protocol. The accreditation and licensing programme focuses on quality of the services and safety of the patients. The whole programme has been developed in accordance international practices.

The new programme is part of the National Health Strategy and will aim for accreditation by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). All healthcare facilities, both public and private, will have to undergo the whole programme.