Spring Rain launches cross-border healthcare service

Spring Rain International (Chunyu Guoji), offers cross-border medical services and products aimed at early detection of disease symptoms, preventative healthcare, and diagnosis and treatment.

Products include South Korean gastrointestinal screening that in addition to a standard full-body exam also includes screening procedures aimed specifically at the digestive system.

Other products include Japanese cancer prevention screening, Singaporean heart disease screening, and Hong Kong medical tests and screening.

Spring Rain International also provides customized travel, accommodation, flights, and dining services for patients and their companions.

The company claims that it will fully compensate its users for misdiagnoses of serious diseases in examination results.

Products and services offered on this platform are all based abroad, not in China. Users can make reservations for these services and pay a reservation fee, and the platform will make the necessary arrangements to book the user an appointment at the overseas hospital or clinic offering that service.

The focus is on medical tests and screening as they are in great demand but with low risk. Now it is expanding into cosmetic surgery, cardiac surgery and cancer treatment. The plan is to add medical tourism insurance soon. Soon after launch the app had an overseas network of 6000 doctors and 30 medical establishments.

Apps offer a real threat to traditional websites- as Spring Rain has 86 million users on the China app.

Several other Chinese healthcare apps, with millions of users, are or plan to expand their activity into overseas treatment.