Thailand medical tourism hub by 2028

There are plans to turn Thailand’s island of Phuket into a hub of medical tourism by 2028.

An international medical and public health service ‘Medical Plaza’ is planned for the island, complete with an international elderly care centre, a palliative care centre and a rehabilitation centre.

Thailand’s medical and public health services have been recognised internationally, so expanding medical tourism is seen to be good for Thailand’s economy.

The country aims to take advantage of resumed international flights and by the end of this year it hopes to attract 1.75 million international tourists via short-haul flights, with more than a million coming from South East Asian counties alone.

To reach their international tourism target, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is collaborating with budget airline Thai AirAsia. The collaboration aims to increase international visitors by running partner campaigns in various countries to attract more foreign tourists with at least 18,000 international tour packages.

For Malaysia and Cambodia, TAT aims to bring in 1,000 package tours each, with a focus on medical tourism.