Thailand: Phuket plan as medical tourism destination

There are plans to construct a Phuket Integrated Medical Services Centre, to promote Thailand’s largest island as a medical tourism destination from 2026.

A recent cabinet meeting has approved a budget of 1.41 billion baht (US$43 million) for the construction of a Phuket Integrated Medical Services Centre to promote the province as a medical tourism destination.

Construction of the centre will begin in 2023 and take about four years to complete, or before the end of 2026.

The Treasury Department will supply the land and the budget of 1.41 billion baht for the construction. The centre will be under the supervision of Vachira Phuket Hospital and the Public Health Ministry.

Once complete, the Phuket Integrated Medical Services Centre aims to become an international health/medical hub providing long-term care to Thai and foreign customers, as well as serve as a hospice and rehabilitation centre for those with chronic health problems.

The centre is expected to attract more investment in relevant industries and generate employment for local communities.

The Public Health Ministry is considering a suitable management approach for the centre from five viable options: fully owned and operated by the government, a half-private half-public hospital, a public organisation, a public-private partnership, or a special management facility.

The ministry has already finished an environmental impact assessment of the project.