Travelucion sign new deal to promote Cuban medical tourism

Travelucion have signed a new deal to promote a wide range of treatments in Cuba to North Americans. Combination of low cost treatment and post-operative rehabilitation centres make Cuba an attractive location to American and Canadian medical tourists.

Canadian company Travelucion has signed an exclusive contract to begin international commercialization and marketing of Cuban medical treatment across its 432 Cuban related websites.

The combination of low cost treatment and post-operative rehabilitation centres makes Cuba an increasingly popular destination for medical tourism.

Travelucion is an online travel and digital media company specializing in travel marketing, electronic reservations and online booking solutions for international visitors to Cuba. Travelucion will be paid a 10% commission on all medical procedures and treatment booked through its websites with procedures ranging in price from a few hundred dollars up to over US$50,000.

To create a flagship website in conjunction with this contract, Travelucion will completely overhaul one of its existing medical tourism websites which was originally developed in 2000 in partnership with CIMEQ hospital in Havana.

There will be 252 medical procedures and treatments offered through Travelucion’s websites, ranging from simple medical checkups and addiction therapy, to major surgery and cancer treatment. Travelucion will also offer cosmetic surgery

Cuba has become a prominent location for the latest keyhole surgeries and operations that incorporate advances in endoscopic and video-assisted surgery.

Travelucion considers Cuba to be one of the major opening opportunities globally due to its proximity to the USA and Canada coupled with its timely and less costly treatment. Patients can combine treatment with an extended stay in Cuba pre or post treatment.

While it is legal for Canadians and most other nationals to go to Cuba for treatment, Americans are still not allowed to go there, except for some Cuban Americans. So some Americans go to Canada and then fly on to Cuba.